Lafiya telehealth App to becomes the Uber of Doctors and Patients in Nigeira

The question excited us and we embarked on validating the founders’ findings through market research and a workshop. We knew that complete security of patient prescription had to be at the heart of our design thinking.  Moreover, the prescription process had to be as easy as popping a pill. We saw a major pain point among middle-aged and senior-folk in Canada. The user stories helped draw out our information architecture and design strategy.

Client’s challenges & our solutions

  • Patients find it tough to get refills, have to wait in queues. This is not feasible for seniors or terminally ill patients.
  • We will study users and create an easy-to-use eRx application that truly cuts the pharmacy queue for patients and make refills hassle-free.
  • We don’t want to build another pill delivery aggregator.
  • It will be a mobile pill-delivery app for patients, and a customized eRx solution for pharmacists.
  • We want to keep the app free for patients but need to charge pharmacists.
  • It will be an intelligent application with a smart payment system.

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