How does Lafiya App benefit patients and  Doctors?

How does Lafiya App benefit patients and Doctors?

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We are revolutionizing access to healthcare

It’s no surprise that consumer behavior patterns have shifted in recent years. Industry surveys indicate that 74% of patients in Africa would use telehealth services if they were available.

Lafiya App has several clear advantages over traditional medicine practices.

Benefits of Lafiya App to patients

1. Medical aid to remote patients. There are many countries around the world where healthcare professional-to-population ratio is astonishingly low. Lafiya App enables the access of medical expertise to patients living in remote areas. Patients can save the cost of travel and accommodation. This especially benefits hospitalized patients who can now interact with a distant specialist via Telehealth.

2. Improved quality of care. Previously, remote patients were dependent on the physical location of hospitals. They were often devoid of quality care. The patient’s remoteness caused difficulty in their accessing quality care in time of need. Lafiya Telehealth App creates equality in the availability of improved and professional care to all patients alike.

3. Faster recovery. Studies have shown that patients who live within their own environment tend to recover faster. Lafiya Telehealth App has facilitated medical consultation where the patients are. It also shortens the diagnosis and treatment process by reducing the time required for patients to be seen by a succession of providers. Device Talk an educational forum bringing together engineering and product development, reported that 91% of health outcomes were as good or better via Lafiya Telehealth App.

Benefits of Lafiya App to medical practitioners

 Treating more patients. Lafiya Telehealth App has made the necessity of travel almost negligible. As a result, specialists can now spend their travel time in seeing more patients and increasing the duration of consultation per patient.

 Education to rural providers. Specialists in cities can gain greater exposure by handling patients from remote areas and other cities along with mentoring and guiding rural providers. Rural providers can receive training and better exposure to Lafiya Telehealth App facilities.

 Improved efficiency. When providers can save energy and time, they are able to personalize their consultation and services, connect with patients at a deeper level and improve on their overall efficiency. This enhanced medical collaboration between practitioners and patients has solved a series of related problems faced by both parties.

 Patient Trust. With improved access to supremely better healthcare practitioners as a result of Lafiya Telehealth App, patients will develop a positive perception of healthcare quality, satisfaction, and the mediating effect of trust.

In Summary

  • Lafiya Telehealth App creates equality in care quality
  • Remote patients save on cost of travel and stay
  • Providers can care for more patients in less time
  • Providers can personalize consultation


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